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Hi all. I have been stealing a bit of time here and there to start the new book. I am pleased with it currently as I am taking a far more simple approach to the style and writing of it. It is coming as easy as 'Footprints' but should be less edgy in a lot of respects. Not to take anything away from Footyps, they are just very different.
It is quite heart-warming doing the research for Carnival as I have to look at a lot of sites about funfairs and so on. I don't think I have ever been on a helter skelter but I do remember a book/programme when I was a kid about one which took you to another world or something. Weird!
Not to mention the U2 version of the song going around my head all day - happy days!
As it happens there is a funfair over the road for the next few days so may pop over. Obviously for 'research.' Not convinced wine and whirlers mix mind you...
&n ... Read more »
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Monday, 14 September 2009
Cricket season is finally over...thank the lord...the end of this season has been a logistical disaster. Too many people who know very little, getting involved in things they shouldn't...very frustrating.

All of it has culminated in me having to attend a hearing to essentially crucify an old friend of mine. This I am not keen on, so how it pans out I have no idea. All I know is that I shall not be getting this involved in the running of any club again. It is a poisoned chalice to say the least and is getting me down.

On a far brighter note, my other half seems to have sanctioned the money for my novel to be self-published. This is very exciting and hope we can get it done soon, ideally before half term. The training for the Great South Run has begun and I am relatively pleased with how I am doing. I believe I can do about 4 ... Read more »
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Friday, 11 September 2009

Its 14 minutes until the end of the day and it has been quite a funny one all in all.

During assembly this week we were talking about Buddhism and its attributes. The Head of Year asked the yeargroup, what they knew about Buddhism. A few hands went up tentatively and one of the brighter students in the year group replied with, "Buddhism? That's the one where they worship that elephant, innit?"

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Good morning.

It's Friday and I feel full of beans! Reason? Well, the weekend lies lurking in the shadows of a four period day. Yes I am a school teacher and the first week is nearly over. Thank the lord!
Tomorrow, my friend and I are supposed to be going to Blackpool on a stag do and despite initial feelings of excitement, we are looking at ways of how to get out of it now. Any thoughts, should we go to blackpool? It is supposed to be a 'proper laugh' if hen do's, binge drinking and general debauchery are your thing. However, at the ripe old age of 28, I feel a bit nauseated by the thought of the sticky floors, plastic drinking vessels, puke and pandemonium.
Hmm...what to do...

Anyway the real reason for this blog is to keep the faithful updated on various events in my l ... Read more »
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