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Well it has been a strange academic year this one. It started off rather badly with accusations and recriminations, before developing quite nicely and then coming to a crashing and dull end once more. The main problem of course, is the heirarchical power that causes unnecessary issues and problems, tells lies and so on and at the present time, stands accused of actually damaging (possibly irreparably), two people's careers. This is mostly due to shortsightedness and greed and as such until things are sorted financially, I shall be putting my feet up.
Until now, I have been frantically busy being an official HOD for the first time dealing with the trials and tribulations that go with this. It has on the whole been fun and it appears that I will be here next year to consolidate this position.
As far as the writing is concerned, very little has happened. However I  do plan to get cracking now and ... Read more »
Views: 793 | Added by: tjt4 | Date: 23/05/2011 | Comments (0)

After lots of flapping and general one upmanship from the publishing company, they have come around to my way of thinking and the book is out! Thanks to the faithful who have stuck with it and bought it already.

There are still some minor discrepancies in the printing process, however I am past the point of caring now. The content is there and on the whole it looks good. All books these days seem to have some error in printing or the way the grammar is laid out, so I am not overly concerned.

The price seems unreasonable from the big boys like Amazon and Waterstones and I hope they will have the good grace to bring it down. I by the way, have no control over that, just the price that authorhouse sets, which with free shipping, I think is ok.

Anyway, I feel really pleased and the second book is well on the way. Although it is very different and far less spiky, I am really enjoying writing it!

Also sorted out the poetry books in to 3 separate anthologies. A ... Read more »
Views: 586 | Added by: tjt4 | Date: 15/06/2010 | Comments (2)

All right ladies and gents - sorry for delay...the book was out very briefly, however, I am concerned there were a few minor errors in the printing process and am having it looked into.

I hope to have the book out (again) by the start of May, so here's hoping!

Peace and love... x
Views: 565 | Added by: tjt4 | Date: 07/04/2010 | Comments (1)

This book is set in Canterbury, Kent and South London. So for those of you who went to uni at Christchurch or Kent for that matter, it may mean something to you. Please pass on my facebook, whatever, to anyone you think may be interested.
Oh and bear in mind, it is totally fictional. ;-)
Much love x x x
Views: 535 | Added by: tjt4 | Date: 27/03/2010 | Comments (1)

 Morning all.
Many thanks if you have become my friend on facebook or follow my blog - your support is appreciated. The bottom line, for those who haven't worked it out (oh, and there are so me of those!), I have written a book. Not entirely sure of the quality of it, but it was a right laugh writing it. It is an adult fiction novel, I repeat adult fiction!!!! It is really not suitable for kids at all.
On here and on facebook I will update you chappies on when it is out and so on, but I believe it is at the printers as we speak, so not long to go now!
The cover is on my facebook page and if and when you get a copy of it, there is an extract from my second novel in there. This is assuming Skyla allows me the time to ever finish it!
Today we are off to a wedding in Swindon. Cannot wait really, will be nice to see some old chums and let the ol ... Read more »
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so a stressful time we have had, but also it has been incredibly rewarding and heartwarming in parts too. The baby has not arrived at this stage and so we continue to wait with some frustration and plenty of trepidation! However we are healthy and remain in good spirits regardless.
Have compiled my poems into one big anthology, ready hopefully for publication and written up  a few others. There will most probably be 30-35 in total for the anthology - so good value. At this stage, they will be in three books covering different chronological phases...this may all change though...
Mother was frightfully disappointed at the explicit nature of the extract from Footprints on this site-so I am going to change that. My poor mother reading all about naughties...whatever next?
End of the year still target for Footprints. At the latest - new year. ... Read more »
Views: 616 | Added by: tjt4 | Date: 01/12/2009 | Comments (2)

Strange it is, reading over my work...
I continue to think there are stylistic features I could improve on, but then on the other hand I daresay Tolkien never felt entirely satisfied with LOTR and God perhaps balked at parts of the bible when it was done...
I hav decided to re-read footprints to makeany final changes and the deadline for publishing will be the end of 2009. I just want to get it 100% how I want it. Be aware I did not say 100% PERFECT, just how I want it...this is not the chinese democracy we are talking about here.
The wife is nearing the end of the pregnancy and it is with regret I have to say that her nan died this week, she did in her refreshing way, did discuss how she was witnessing the circle of life in full flow, just before she told me only six weeks until my freedom is completely over. Brill!
Anyway, maybe if that is ... Read more »
Views: 717 | Added by: tjt4 | Date: 15/10/2009 | Comments (3)

Hi all. I have been stealing a bit of time here and there to start the new book. I am pleased with it currently as I am taking a far more simple approach to the style and writing of it. It is coming as easy as 'Footprints' but should be less edgy in a lot of respects. Not to take anything away from Footyps, they are just very different.
It is quite heart-warming doing the research for Carnival as I have to look at a lot of sites about funfairs and so on. I don't think I have ever been on a helter skelter but I do remember a book/programme when I was a kid about one which took you to another world or something. Weird!
Not to mention the U2 version of the song going around my head all day - happy days!
As it happens there is a funfair over the road for the next few days so may pop over. Obviously for 'research.' Not convinced wine and whirlers mix mind you...
&n ... Read more »
Views: 651 | Added by: tjt4 | Date: 17/09/2009 | Comments (1)

Monday, 14 September 2009
Cricket season is finally over...thank the lord...the end of this season has been a logistical disaster. Too many people who know very little, getting involved in things they shouldn't...very frustrating.

All of it has culminated in me having to attend a hearing to essentially crucify an old friend of mine. This I am not keen on, so how it pans out I have no idea. All I know is that I shall not be getting this involved in the running of any club again. It is a poisoned chalice to say the least and is getting me down.

On a far brighter note, my other half seems to have sanctioned the money for my novel to be self-published. This is very exciting and hope we can get it done soon, ideally before half term. The training for the Great South Run has begun and I am relatively pleased with how I am doing. I believe I can do about 4 ... Read more »
Views: 2150 | Added by: tjt4 | Date: 17/09/2009 | Comments (4)

Friday, 11 September 2009

Its 14 minutes until the end of the day and it has been quite a funny one all in all.

During assembly this week we were talking about Buddhism and its attributes. The Head of Year asked the yeargroup, what they knew about Buddhism. A few hands went up tentatively and one of the brighter students in the year group replied with, "Buddhism? That's the one where they worship that elephant, innit?"

Views: 578 | Added by: tjt4 | Date: 17/09/2009 | Comments (0)

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