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Always be mine
Always be mine
The air was filled with innuendo and
Nervous laughter
We had no thought or care for,
happily ever afters
As you sat there, asking me for detention
So passionately
I poured myself into you
without realising
You were everything
To me, but I couldn’t see through the trees,
I was so impressed with my dress and my
Blah blah blah
While you just took me in your arms
And made my life complete again.
Getting out of the car,
clutching my phone to my chest
Knowing it was the end of my life as I knew it,
But probably for the best
I sat listening to women talking about units,
Naughty, naughty units
While you texted cautiously,
sifting through your
Kitchen cabinets.
Now you clean our kitchen, with a relentless fervour
Under your breath you can’t help but murmur
At what on earth happened and what ever became of us?
But I would never change any of this
I watch the dog run around in rings
Like we do always with each other,
Not knowing whether to cry or sing.
I could be in the club right now
You should be somewhere, tearing up the floor.
Instead your cooking me pancakes
The smell of butter wafting through the door.
In any other place in any other time
I would find you and be with you
Because you will always be mine.
Category: My poems | Added by: tjt4 (21/04/2010)
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