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Footprints extract
21/04/2010, 20:58:28
Charlie and Jo headed into town. Charlie was light-headed and chatty. He never really believed in whirlwind romances but he was in the powerful clutches of one. And this was a girl he had seen and wanted for a long time. The coke was still charging around his system too, adding to his buzz. The two of them walked and chatted, hand in hand, and it was as if their problems just evaporated. It wasn’t often life felt like this; savour it, Charlie thought, it won’t last forever. They got into town and held up in the bar that was the opening scene for them the night before. It always felt strange going back to the place you finished up in only about 10 hours ago! It was completely transformed and the elixir of sweet perfume that hung in the air during the night was replaced by the faintly repellent smell of stale beer. He ordered drinks, Jo had a white wine and Charlie ordered a lager; always tricky after a heavy night, but why not? He had reason to celebrate. As they sat and talked, they seemed to really hit it off. Jo was a fascinating woman. Charlie learned that she was half-French and was fluent in the language. How exotic, he thought! He talked about their families. He hid as much as he could about the dysfunctional mess his had become and she spoke fondly of her university days, keeping the gory details to herself, selling it as if she had glided through the three years like an elegant lady dancing through a ballroom. Charlie’s phone buzzed with a text. He paused until Jo had finished before he checked it. It would be the usual Sunday text, he guessed, one of his mates wanting to know how he had got on last night. Unfortunately, this was not the case. It was his ex-girlfriend, whom he had very tentatively agreed to meet for a drink that afternoon. It read: Hi hope you feel better. Are we still ok to meet? I can be there at 1pm and can pick you up on the way. X Charlie looked up and saw Jo’s face, anxious. "Anything interesting, hun?” She asked coyly. Charlie was in a predicament; should he lie or come clean here and now? He had had relationships in the past predicated on lies and he was determined not to let this happen again. However, he knew how he would feel if the boot was on the other foot. He decided to come clean knowing that after the initial upset for Jo, it would probably be in his best interests. It was a worry though, he had clean forgotten about that meeting and he knew full well that his ex, Helen, had every hope of them to getting back together. He felt a dark cloud descend upon him and a pain in his gut. To make matters worse the hangover was kicking in and the drugs were wearing off. He looked at Jo, pleading for an answer, as she stared into the distance. I finished my beer, swilling it at the bottom to ensure the powder dissipated fully into the liquid. The powder was always strong and I was at the mercy of how much my so-called ‘pal’ had put in there. Anyway, as my old man would say, ‘this is not a rehearsal’ and that’s how I viewed these days, as a platform for experimenting and general narcissistic behaviour. "They seem to be doing all right over there,” I glanced up at John, our landlord. I felt in recent weeks I had spent more time with him than I did at home! I looked back at our table and saw Brad and Ben re-enacting some story to three girls from our University. Their story almost certainly involving me, as they looked up at me, smiling and talking behind their hands. Pair of cunts, I thought. Here I am buying them drinks and they are ruining my chances tonight. I got the drinks and went back to assess the damage, but before I could, I was tapped on the shoulder. I flipped around to see Jen, a girl from my course. She was beautiful and blonde with big green eyes. "I didn’t know you were going to be here tonight, what are you up to?” She asked. "Hi Jen. Nothing much really just a few drinks with Brad and Ben.” I pointed over at them. They smiled and waved back to a chorus of ‘Hi Jen!’ How embarrassing, I thought. They don’t miss a trick to make me look stupid, these boys. She laughed and waved back at them. "We’re going to Lasers later on if you fancy it? Bring Tweedledum and Tweedledee too, if you like. I’ve got free tickets.” "Nice one, I might just do that!” I said smiling at her trying to gauge her intentions here. "Cool. Grab me later on babe and we’ll sort it out.” She said as she turned away. Here’s hoping, I thought. The situation with his ‘ex’ was a serious problem. Helen and Charlie had had an intense relationship for what was pushing five years. It ended in rather tumultuous circumstances, largely with Charlie’s tongue in another girl’s mouth and then Helen’s fist in his face. It was a bizarre story, but following a work night out for Charlie, he decided to go on with a few colleagues to a club. He was happy to get himself home later on, but Helen was pestering him, saying she would come and pick him up and so on. He told her she didn’t need to but she insisted. The friction between them at this stage of their relationship was great and she didn’t trust him at all. Rightfully, so it turned out. She decided to go to the club where he was and wait outside until he was ready to come out. According to Charlie, there was no agreement at this stage to be picked up, let alone a timeframe. As Helen became more anxious and time wore on, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She stormed to the door of the club and demanded that she be let in by the bouncer. Now nine times out of ten, a bouncer would say’ no’ to this request, but in this case for some reason, he let her in. Helen searched around the club for the elusive Charlie, not being able to find him anywhere, until she spotted him on the dance floor, entwined with his work pal , Jackie. She had always worried about their relationship and inevitably, she was proved correct. Rage swept through her body and she punched him repeatedly in the face, causing a massive furore in the club and even more trouble to follow. It was easy to jump to a conclusion and call Charlie all the names under the sun but there is plenty more to learn about their fiery relationship in this story and in all honesty nothing was ever cut and dried with the pair of them... Anyway, Jo left the pub to let Helen speak with Charlie and as time grew nearer to 1pm, Charlie became more and more nervous and afraid of what was going to happen. Essentially, he didn’t want to hurt her, but every time she came around, he had no option but to, as she refused to take ‘no’ for an answer. Charlie scrabbled for his phone and searched his phonebook for his sanctuary, his saving grace. This was the number that always rang. The phone that was always answered. "Hello.” "Hi, it’s Charlie here. I need to pick up.” "How many?” "Two…” "Where are you?” "Sutton, High street.” "Ok. I’ll be there in 45 minutes.” "Cheers.” The line went dead and Charlie breathed a sigh of relief, he looked up and heard Helen’s voice, "Hello Charlie.”
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